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Boldt Castle – Preserving a 1000 Islands Region Landmark

For 73 years Boldt Castle on Heart Island remained eerily vacant, left to the mercy of the wind, rain, ice, snow and vandals.  The Thousand Islands Bridge Authority (Authority) assumed ownership of the Boldt properties in 1977 and quickly instituted a rehabilitation program to repair and preserve Boldt Castle and the Boldt Yacht House for present and future generations to enjoy.

During the height of construction (1900-1904) George C. Boldt employed some 300 workmen in the construction of Boldt Castle and other Heart Island structures including the Boldt Yacht House when suddenly word was received that Mrs. Louise Boldt had died.  Mr. Boldt inconsolable halted further work on their dream castle never to resume construction.

In 1977, the Authority undertook the difficult task of improving and preserving the Boldt properties with determined rehabilitation and maintenance programs. Under the Authority’s stewardship the Boldt properties have received millions of dollars of never before seen improvements and attention resulting in near total rehabilitation of several Heart Island structures and interiors. Although much of the first two stories of the Castle have been restored to their intended grandeur upper levels still show signs of damage from the elements and past vandalism, however with the Authority’s continuous rehabilitation programs and ongoing work-in-progress it is washing away these blemishes and restoring Mr. Boldt’s vision.

Today the operation of the Boldt Facilities supports the 1000 Islands Region with sustainable tourism and economic benefit and will continue to do so for years to come.

The Thousand Islands Bridge Authority and the Boldt Facilities wishes to extend its appreciation to all our customers and welcomes your next visit to see the latest improvements to this 1000 Islands landmark.

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