Boldt Castle Improvement Projects Continue

The Thousand Islands Bridge Authority, owners of historic Boldt Castle and the Boldt Yacht House continues with its progression of improvements at the Boldt Castle Facilities by completely rehabilitating the Boldt bedroom suites. Work on the Boldt Castle family bedroom suites began in the Fall with the Authority’s staff, assigned to the Boldt Facilities, performing the work.  (View before and after photos of previous projects below).

Continuing the Authority’s many accomplishments with interior improvements to Boldt Castle, the Boldt Castle kitchens located on the Castle’s first floor and the Boldt family’s bedroom suites on the second floor will be completed.

The Boldt family bedroom suites and kitchen rehabilitation projects will compliment previously completed interior projects in Boldt Castle, including the Dining Room, Ballroom, Library, Billiards Room, Reception Room, Grand Staircase, Elevator, Stain Glass Dome, Wall and Ornate Plaster repairs, Period Furnishings, Lighting and over 1,700 square foot of marble flooring.

With the completion of the Boldt Castle kitchens and the Boldt family bedroom suites the Authority will have accomplished never-before achieved finishes to Boldt Castle. The Castle’s namesake and original builder George C. Boldt halted all construction of his Castle in 1904 due to the untimely death of his wife, Louise, for whom the Castle was to be built.

During it’s 35 years of ownership of Boldt Castle and the Boldt Yacht House, the Authority has invested nearly $32 million dollars in rehabilitation efforts and improvements to these historic landmarks. At the same time, these facilities have witnessed over 5.8 million visitors and have hosted over 1,000 weddings in as many years, providing incalculable value to this region’s international tourism industry.

Past Renovation Projects:

In the past years numerous improvements have been accomplished, including rehabilitation of the Power House, Dove Cote, Heart Island Gazebo, Alster Tower, the Boldt Castle Yacht House, the main castle, and the Heart Island Entry Arch which is adorned with three, seven-foot tall stags (or deer) which are symbolic of the Boldt family crest.

The most recent improvements and completions to the main castle include George and Louise Boldt’s and daughter Clover’s Bedroom Suites located on the second floor of Boldt Castle. Past interior projects that have been completed include the Dining Room, Ballroom, Library, Billiards Room, Reception Room, installation of the Boldt Castle Elevator, completed Grand Stair Case and the Stained Glass Dome in the upper ceiling.

Another feature to Heart Island is the completely restored overlook, consisting of an elaborate 170-foot granite retaining wall on the island’s terraced grounds. The retaining wall and overlook are reinforced poured concrete punctuated with turrets and faced with native granite stone.

The 2012 season will feature a completed Boldt Castle Theatre located on the second floor of  the Castle incorporating a new short movie on the life and times of George C. Boldt, Boldt Castle and the 1000 Islands.

The Hennery or “Dovecote” Before & After:

The Grand Staircase & Hallway Before & After:

George Boldt’s Bedroom Before & After:

Gazebo Renovation Before & After:

The Powerhouse Restoration Before & After:

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